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Who We Are
NuLI Mission
To create a community of people around the world who choose to live intently, committed to bettering themselves and to make the world a better place.
What does "Never Ugli" mean?
It means we strive to never be ugly to others, and to never feel ugly about ourselves (love your neighbor, love yourself).
What does "Live Intently" mean?
It means we live everyday with the intention of using our personal resources and our network to make real, positive, continual change across the globe
NULI is an opportunity to give back, to give more of yourself, and to give actively by reaching out to people and causes beyond your normal sphere of influence. Many people donate to their favorite local causes, including their school, church and local civic organizations. This is a great way to change your corner of the world by affecting change very close to you. But sometimes there are other causes that could also use your help, or perhaps even use it more.
NuLI Spotlight - Give Back
NuLI You - Give More
NuLI Style - Be Active

It isn't About "Me"

Can you light up a room with a smile? There are many ways to use our gifts to improve others' lives.
Learn about others who live with the intention of bettering the world.
Help support their worthy causes.

It's about "Living"

NuLI Retreats will teach you to use NuLI principles in building and maintaining personal, family, and professional relationships. NuLI Retreats are conducted in a relaxed setting using a combination of recreation, physical conditioning, and volunteer work to teach NuLI principles.

Whole New A'wear'ness

Rather than wear someone else’s logo or designer label promoting a company, why not brand yourself to a NuLI lifestyle. 5% of all NuLI brand proceeds are forwarded to charities selected by NuLI customers and patrons. Visit NuLI STYLE for casual and business apparel that reflects your personal style.

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